our missions

We have various missions that we continually add to and change from time to time to keep things fresh. Here is a selection of the missions that we do:

Storm the Bunker

Your team pinned down and being attacked by the other team - how long can you hold out for? This is a timed game, which ever team holds out the longest wins!

Protect the VIP

Two teams - two VIP's. Defend your VIP, find and attack the other team's VIP. Whichever team kills the other team's VIP first, is the winner!

Booby Trap

Everyman for himself. Watch out for the bobby traps! Last man standing wins!

Hunt the Sniper

One small team - sniper plus a few body guards - the other larger team hunts the sniper. This is a timed game - the Sniper stays alive .. the sniper wins!

The Terminator

The terminator starts with 99 lives and will battle against all players. He will kill you! Whoever finally kills the Terminator .. wins!

Team Death Match

Two teams battle against each other in a timed game. Whichever team has the most players standing at the end .. wins!

Take the High Ground

Two teams start either end of the Arena. The flag is in the centre circle. This is a timed game and you must time your run to perfection. If you die, you must run back to starting point to get your next life. Whichever team has the most alive players in the centre circle where the flag is, are the winners!

Special Birthday Mission

A mission with a twist. A real treat for the birthday child(ren)!