Birthday Party or Gaming Session Packages

Our packages are available in time slots, we do NOT share your party with other players, it is exclusively yours:

Party/Session LengthCostMax. PlayersDiscription
1 Hour£150up to 14
(up to an additional 4 adult FREE)
Format: Free for all, Team Death Match, one mission, birthday child special mission
1.5 Hour£220up to 20
(up to an additional 4 adult FREE)
Format: Free for all, Team Death Match, several missions, birthday child special mission
2 Hours£280up to 20
(up to an additional 4 adult FREE)
Format: Free for all, Team Death Match, lots of missions, birthday child special mission, Free For All

Catering & Party Bag Options

We have an indoor food area where were the players can eat after their party or session. You are more than welcome to bring your own food:

Food Area£15Add an additional 30 minutes to your party
CateringSubwayThey offer food boxes at £3.70 each with a choice of sandwich fillings with drinks, crisps and cookies or various food platters from £18. The food is delivered direct to the food area (£5 delivery charge).
Party BagsStart from £2You can choose the individual items from our online customer login area
Birthday CakeVariousEmma from Heaton Cakes (07775 715217 or 0161 442 1108) provides our birthday cakes for all our activities. She can provide you with a bespoke cake for your party at great value.

Battlefield Live

We are often asked the differences between the Battlefield Lives'. Battlefield Live is not a franchise and we are all independent companies. This is why the prices, facilities and what to expect vary from one to another. As we do 5 activities at our venue, then we can offer lower prices. We offer our parties in time slots rather than per player.

At Battlefield Live Knutsford for example. the standard cost is £20 per player and that includes adults. For a 1.5 hour children's birthday party, we charge £220 for up to 20 players and up to an additional 4 adults are free.

You do not share your birthday party with any other players, the time slot is exclusively yours. At Battlefield Live Knutsford you share the time slot with whoever has booked. With us, only the people you know are at your party.

Andy at Battlefield Live Pennines runs a Saturday morning boot club from £10 per player. So if you are in the Chorley area, check them out as they are a well run outfit with a massive battle arena. We don't do boot camps at the moment but concentrate instead on birthday parties.

Otherwise we all use the same type of guns, which are very reliable and great fun to use.