Exhilarating outdoor laser adventure game for children and adults

Birthday parties, group sessions or corporate bookings

No pain, paint or impact

An adult game that kids can play

We play all year around

Realistic guns with red dot scopes

Parrs wood high school, didsbury, m20 5pg

What to expect at Birthday Party or Gaming Session

What happens in a session with us?

The format of the session:

  • Players get their safety briefing, choose their guns and then we explain how to use the guns.
  • We start with a Free For All, which allows the players to get used to the guns. All players are against each other and are let loose into the Arena for battle. On mission complete we find out who is the best player is and use that later on.
  • Team Death Match: Players are put into two teams and the guns are set so they cannot hit their own team, only the other team. The two teams battle against each other.
  • We continue the missions. Depending on the length of the session we have a variety of missions we play, such as Storm the Bunker, Take the High Ground, Hunt the Sniper & Capture the Flag.
  • Children’s Birthday parties – we have a special mission where the birthday child is the star player.
  • At the end of the party we give out the certificates and engraved medal for the birthday child or children for joint parties.
  • Adult sessions/parties – we have more technical missions like Hunt the General and The Terminator.

Food Area

If you have booked the food area there are several areas within the Sports Centre and Outer Buildings that we use. The room for your food area is dependent on the day’s bookings of centre but we have great areas that we use.  You’ll have the indoor food area exclusively for an additional 30 minutes to your party. This is your serving time – you will have plenty of time to setup before the end of your activity but there may be a short wait until the previous party has left the food area and it has been cleaned. You’ll have time afterwards to clear away.

Whilst you are more than welcome to provide your own food, Subway Didsbury or Dominoes Didsbury will also deliver food directly to the food area. Both offer discounts to our customers.

What to wear?

We are an outdoor combat game and so are affected by the weather. Our Arena is a wooded area that has lots of bushes, trails and trees so old clothing and footwear would be better. If it is or has been raining then expect the players to get muddy depending on the conditions. The wood has been cleared of brambles but there are some holly trees and low level branches so eye protection is available for the children if required.

Green or black clothing is better than bright red or yellow for obvious reasons!

The wooded area has trails going through the undergrowth and there are areas of untamed bushes and low level trees. It is a fun place to play the games but please be aware the woods have not been cleared to effect where we can eradicate all risk. So there is always the risk of players falling over into the dirt or running into objects. We have minimised the risk the best we can and the school is happy for us to operate at the level of risk we have achieved.

We do not require the children to wear safety goggles but if you would like your child to do so, then these can be provided.

What facilities are there?

The woods we use are next to the Sports Centre at Parrs Wood High School.

This is a modern facility with toilets, vending machines and there are safe and secure changing rooms where if required, parents can take their own children to change into clean clothes.

There is ample parking across several car parks. There is an attendant on duty, first aid facilities and a defibrillator is available.

How do i get to you?

Parrs Wood High School, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5PG

The school is immediately behind the Parrs Wood Entertainment Complex. Please do not park in the complex’s car parks but continue into the school.

We are not allowed to put signs up on the complex’s land (they are mean and take them down) so you’ll need to get the school gate, which the map below will help you.

Once there, our signs are clear. For a full map and directions, please download our general location document: